What to expect in 2023…

Happy New Year! 🥳

I hope that you had a wonderful festive period, and are feeling restored and revved up for the year ahead.

As I said in my Roundup of 2022 blog post, it’s hard to predict where Social Media will take us in 2023. Anyone who claims to know what to expect is a big fibber, I bet even Adam doesn’t really know at this point. Social Media as an industry is incredibly reactive, and Trax Media as an agency is exactly the same. We’ll continue to listen to what our clients want, see what software and capabilities come out, keep a loose eye on trends (we never hop on them, maybe that’s a blog post by itself?).

Social Media, SEO and Website Design will continue to be our core 3 services, as they’re what we most enjoy and what we get the best results from. I’ll admit we are almost at capacity for Social Media Clients, I have space for perhaps 3 more on our minimal package, and 2 more on anything above that. There’s a potential huge contract in the works that I can’t tell you any more about right now, which could see us hiring in our first ever Social Media Freelancer – but nothing’s even nearly set in stone yet so for now, it’s my personal capacity.

SEO we have plenty of space for, so if you want to climb the ranks on Google – hit us up for hourly SEO support. We have no minimum requirement of hours, and it’s £45 for each hour you’d like.

Websites I’m capping at 2 new builds per month, it’s typical that everyone comes on at once, it all dies down and then they want their edits and final drafts at the same time too – which causes me stress. I’m going to work on refining my timeline to spread the work out a bit more and be less reliant on the client’s input – but for now, it’s just 2 new sites per month. I have 2 for January already, so get in touch for a February build. They take around 6 weeks to complete if you’re nice and cooperative.

I’m going to take a look at our contracts for both Social Media & Website work, to try and prompt clients to be a bit more pro-active for the things we need and to ensure we’re properly compensated for the work we do. We handle enquiries in the DMs for clients, but customer service will come as a separate service, and the overall process of a Website Build will become more refined, and it’ll be clearer exactly what we need from you and when.

Everything we’re going to be changing in 2023 is with the best interests of our clients at heart, it’ll create clearer boundaries for you, help you to be more prepared and help us to produce better work for you.

Abundance is my word of the year this year, in both time, money, confidence and love – so every decision we make will be entirely centred around this!