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Our usual turnaround is 6/8 weeks should we get all of the content and approval we need in a timely manner. We can create a site quicker than this for urgent projects, or pause before launch for longer-term strategies. Whatever your time frame, we can work with it.

All of our sites from £725 for the build, for a four page website. Each additional page is £95 with an e-commerce addition costing £125 for the creation of the shop, plus 20 products. Each additional 20 products is an extra £50. We ask for 50% upfront and 50% when it’s signed off and you’re happy.

Hosting is from £89.99 for the year, or £10 monthly, depending on how you’d rather spread the cost. We also offer a discount on our SEO services, by offering your hosting plus one hour’s SEO for just £55/month – saving you £10 every month.

Website Specialist

I specialise in building websites for start-ups and small businesses who want a bespoke, eye-catching design… without an eye-watering bill.

If you’d like a website that truly reflects you and your business, then I’d love to hear from you. My websites are built on WordPress using Divi, meaning that they’re easy to update by you in the future should you wish.

That’s not to say I can’t handle larger projects, I have a team of developers on stand-by and love to sink my teeth into a big build too.


Let's start at the very beginning...

Get in touch via the links above or below to book in for a discovery call. Here we’ll chat for 20 minutes or so about your business, what you’ve currently got in terms of online representation and what you’d like in an ideal world.

I’m not here to give myself a hard life, so I’ll never overpromise. I can share my screen to show you previous examples of my work and talk through what I’d propose for you.

If I don’t give you a quote on the call, one will be emailed to you ASAP.

Once you've pressed go

Fantastic news! First, I’ll do a little happy dance and probably text my Mum.

Next, I’ll send over your welcome email which will detail the process going forwards. You’ll also receive your contract and first invoice. 

Your first invoice is 50% of the build cost, and no work begins until this is paid and your contract is signed – I’ve been bitten before sadly.

Let's Get to work

Once I’ve received everything I need from you, I’ll get started on your first draft. Often this is just your homepage to ensure I’ve got the general look and feel right before building out the entire website.

Sometimes I’ll include some extra pages, but not always. You’ll be sent a dummy link to view the website on which will remain the same until launch. 

Please, please send back your honest feedback. I want every client to completely love their website and nobody is ever too picky. As I said before, I’m realistic about my capabilities along with your budget and what WordPress on Divi can do – but always be brutally honest when you send back any amendments. 

Things are getting serious

Once I’ve received your feedback on the first draft, I’ll make any amendments to the pages you’ve seen and then move on to building out the rest of the website.

I try to minimise the amount of times I’m in and out of your draft to streamline my process, so if I need photos/text from you then I’ll wait to receive this before starting your second draft. 

Once your second draft is finished, I’ll let you know and you can go through it with a fine toothcomb before sending back yet more amendments. 

The final stretch

Again, once I’ve received everything back from you that I need – I’ll hop to it on your third and final draft. Usually at this stage it’s small tweaks here and there, any major changes may incur an additional charge if it differs from the original brief. 

Your draft link will still be the same, and I know it’s tempting to keep refreshing to see my progress but sometimes things look worse before they look better – so try to resist before I tell you it’s ready!

We have lift off!

You’ll be sent the dummy link one final time, at which point it should be a simple approval. As above, if any changes need to be made which are outside the original brief, they’ll be chargeable at this stage depending on how major they are. 

If you have a domain elsewhere, now’s the time to send me the details so we can transfer this and any hosting you may have. If you don’t have a domain then we simply register the one you desire for you.

Your final invoice will now be sent, which will include your hosting cost as well as the remaining 50% for the build (+ any additional costs if incurred). Once this is cleared we set the site live and all celebrate!

Some clients want us to manage updating their site moving fowards, some are familiar with WordPress already, some want to know how to update it themselves. Depending which is you, we’ll either remind you of updating costs, create you your own log-in or arrange a zoom call to show you how things work.

Like what you see?

Whether it’s a brand new business, a re-make of your DIY site or your brand just needs a refresh. We’d love to transform your digital presence with a stylish yet functional new website. It all starts with a chat on zoom with zero obligation, and we’d love to hear from you!