Your DIY Social Media Audit

Are you wondering how your Social Media measures up? Some people actually DM saying they’re worried I’m watching and judging their social media (note, I’m not – not ever, you can PAY me to audit you – I’m not about to do it in my spare time for free 😉).

If we WERE to audit your social media (£179 in case you were wondering…) these are the things we’d be looking for:

  1. Your Bio. Is it optimised? Does it clearly say what you do and who you help? Can I fall onto your profile and immediately tell what you’re about.

  2. Your Top 9. Within those first few posts, it should be crystal clear what you do and how you could help me. At any one time, go and check that you’re posting at least once in a while about what you do super plainly.

  3. Your Highlights. Again, is everything I might need to know in your highlights? Your opening/working hours, your location, your contact details, testimonials, FAQs I might have, previous work… You don’t have to have it all, but think what would be important to your audience and pop it in your highlights. Also make sure that they have branded cover photos and are named accordingly.

  4. Your Profile Photo. Is it clear or have you tried to cram a random image in? One of the first things we do for new clients is ensure your profile photo is fit for purpose. If it’s your logo or business name, it should all be visible and readable, if it’s your face then again – it needs to be clear.

  5. Your Links. Firstly, I don’t like seeing LinkTree – it’s a third party website (technically against Meta’s T&Cs) and also – why are you giving them ranking traffic?! Every time someone clicks on your LinkTree (or similar) you’re doing THEIR SEO a favour. Create a page on your website that contains all of your links, so you’re getting the hits rather than some random third party. Plus it’ll be totally branded, your URL will be branded and it’s within the T&Cs.

  6. Visual Orientation. It’s 2023 people, I don’t want to see landscape videos on Reels. We know to film in portrait by now, we also know that squares were so last year. By posting portrait content, you’ll take up more of your follower’s screen and their attention will be on you for longer. If you pay for Canva you can easily resize your content at the click of a button.

  7. Your following. I’ve said this in a previous blog posts about why I might unfollow you – but if you have 200 followers but you’re following 2000, it’s a high turn off. You look spammy I’ll be honest. Try to keep them roughly equal at least so that it doesn’t give the impression you’re mass following people in the hope of a follow back. I also don’t believe you can genuinely connect and interact with thousands of people, so keep it to a number that’s more manageable for you.

  8. Your followers. If you have a high percentage of bots following you, it’s damaging your overall engagement. Instagram looks at what percentage of your followers interact with your posts, which bots physically cannot do. So if you have 100 followers, 10 of who are bots, you’re damaging your engagement rate by 10% right out of the gate. Take into account not the full 100 will see your post, then another proportion won’t want to interact, your rate could get dangerously low. Go through and remove any bots. (P.S this is a great way to tell if someone’s bought followers, as they’ll have a higher than average amount of bots following them – steer clear of these if you’re looking to dabble in Influencer Marketing.)

  9. Your followers pt 2. I also want you to remove any inappropriate accounts, some people say to go through and remove ‘inactive’ accounts – but I know from personal experience that people can be lurking without posting. My sister hasn’t posted since Sophie’s fourth birthday (she’s almost 7) but I know she watches every single story and likes every single post (she has to, she’s my sister, but she’s not the only one who does this.) I personally don’t think you can dictate who is or isn’t active as you don’t know their usage. For me, someone who is ON social media but isn’t ‘active’ is my ideal client! I do however want you to unfollow anyone who you don’t align with, like if you’re a car dealership and you have a bunch of 13 year old girls… they’re not useful to you.

  10. Your followers pt 3. Again, some people tell you to unfollow anyone who isn’t your dream client. Again, I disagree. People’s needs change, we fall in and out of alignment with people constantly and we and they change. Who is my ideal client now might not have been a year ago, but if I’d removed them then – then I’d have jeopardised our relationship. I also don’t want you to think of your Social Media platform as a place solely for selling. I have followers and am following people I know I’ll never sign, but I love following them. They give me value, they boost my day, the same can be said for why people follow you. If you’re positively impacting that follower, you don’t know who’ll they’ll refer you to or how much you’re helping them.

Did that help? Did I just save you 179 quid? If you’ve read that and just cannot deal with doing it yourself, you know where to find me and I’ll do it for you!