The Content Club

Keeping your marketing on track and your to-do list manageable.
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How it works...


Every month we have a 60 minute Zoom call, bring your content calendar and what you’ve got prepared so far.


We ensure that your social media replicates the focus for your overall business, and together come up with ideas for any blanks.


Next we make sure that your activity is spread across all platforms and channels available to you.



We check that you have all of the collateral you need to produce your content. I can also help with hooks or CTAs.

this is for you if…

You want to handle your social media yourself, you’re pretty sure you know all you need in order to do it – but time and motivation gets the better of you every month and that to-do list grows ever longer.

We’ll see what your plan for the month is, make sure you content pillars are going to be hit and then it’s up to you to implement it.

It’s not just you telling me your ideas and me cracking the whip, we work together to ensure it’s content your audience will like and that will convert them into customers. Plus we look at every corner you’re on the internet and ensure you’re maximising your potential on every platform and using every feature (that you want to use that is!).

per month

For £75 a month

Of course, you’ll have unlimited access to me via DMs throughout the month, so if you have a query it doesn’t have to wait until our Zoom call.

It’s only one Zoom call a month, the main commitment from you is to carry out the marketing tasks you’ve been promising yourself you would.

From this you’ll get marketing knowledge and expertise, but also the accountability to create consistent and meaningful content for your business.