My Marketing Strategy

I talk a lot about your marketing strategy, what I think it should look like and hitting your content pillars. But perhaps it would help to see how this Marketing Agency does it themselves?

First things first, I print off a blank calendar for the month. It’s that simple, I like to hold it in my hands and write on it in ink. There’s nothing to stop you doing this digitally, I’m just a pen and paper kind of gal.

Then I include these things:

  1. My Social Media Grid Posts (pink highlighter)

  2. My Instagram Reels (yellow highlighter)

  3. My Pre-Scheduled Instagram Stories (orange highlighter)

  4. My Newsletters (blue highlighter)

  5. My Blog Posts (green highlighter)

  6. My Free Facebook Group Posts (purple highlighter)

Why the different highlighters? Then I can literally take a quick glance and see that it’s all planned in and balanced. I put a coloured outline around where I want content to go, and then fill the colour in once it’s written, designed and scheduled.

Let’s dive into each activity one by one.

My Social Media Grid Posts

I want to make sure that these hit all of my content pillars, which basically means that over the 5 week period I’m looking at, I talk once about Social Media, once about Website Design, once about SEO. Sometimes it’ll be tipped more in favour of one service or another depending on what we’re pushing or have capacity for. Then I make sure I’ve got a sprinkling of personal posts, and then some value giving posts. I personally post twice a week onto my grid, and I don’t follow a pattern on the design element – this way I can pop up an extra post if I’m feeling called to without messing things up.

My Instagram Reels

I like to post at least one reel a week, I make these in advance and save them as drafts (then pray I don’t get logged out of my account!). I have a reminder that pops up so I remember to post, and sometimes I’ll create an extra one of a weekend for a hike or something if I’m inspired to do so. I’m actually really casual about the content of my reels, they’re more of a ‘fun to do’ than a target approach because my ideal client wouldn’t generally find me via them.

My PreScheduled Instagram Stories

I’ve spoken before about my 3 types of Instagram Stories, but the only ones that make it onto my Strategy Planner are the PreScheduled ones. With these it’s similar to my Grid Posts, making sure that once a week I post about a particular service, freebie, Facebook Group, Newsletter, Blog Post etc. This just ensures that my wider content is getting shared to my Instagram Audience.

My Newsletter

Another way that I pull all of my content together is through my Newsletter. I have subscribers from Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and beyond that all congregate on my Email List. Plus you own your Email List and can take it with you from provider to provider, so it’s something that’s worth growing in my opinion. I’ve got another Blog Post about what I include in my Newsletter so I’ll go into more detail there.

My Blog Posts

Hello, that’s you here! I schedule pretty much all of my content in advance, and as I’ve said above – I pull it together for my Newsletter and share it on my Instagram. Therefore it’s (obviously) important that it all gets posted in the right order. I can’t be promoting a blog post via my Newsletter that hasn’t gone live yet! I’m also a huge fan of repurposing my content, more on that in a future blog post, so again I like to make sure a nice amount of time has passed between it being on my blog then appearing as the topic of a Newsletter.

My Free Facebook Group

I like to provide different and super valuable content to my Facebook Group. Some of it ends up in a Newsletter or Blogpost if I feel I’ve got more to say on it. But it’s important to me that the content in the Mindful Marketing Facebook Group isn’t a carbon copy they can get on my Instagram. The whole point is to offer them more and different information so this way I can keep an eye on what I’m teaching them. I also like to post once a fortnight, that’s manageable for me and gives the audience time to implement what I’ve taught them – so this keeps on track for that.

And there you go, it’s as simple as that! I like to post in different places on different days, so for example:

Tuesday – Grid Post
Wednesday – Reel
Thursday – Blog Post/Newsletter (they alternate weeks)
Friday – Grid Post
Saturday – Facebook Group
Sunday – Story

That way I’m showing up almost every day for my audience, but not all at once. This is really important for staying top of mind, little and often is always key.

If you want a blank copy of my strategy, just drop me an email and I’ll pop it over to you!