Is it time to freshen up?

Something I get asked often is this; “how often should I be updating my website/Instagram bio/profile photo?”

Honestly, there’s no set rule, but there are a few clues that it’s time for a change…

  1. You’ve changed!

    If you’ve drastically changed your look, or just naturally aged over time – then it’s probably time to update any images of you. Trust me, 30 year old Becka wishes that 21 year old Becka was still a genuine representation of me, but honestly you want clients to firstly, connect with who you actually are and secondly, recognise you should they have to meet you for anything. I also like to use Sophie getting older and Charlie joining the family, and then changing, as lovely excuses to refresh my professional photos too. That way my style is accurately represented on any profile photo, website images and Instagram pictures that you might see.

  2. You no longer feel in alignment.

    If you’re reading your Instagram Bio, flicking through your website or staring at a photo of yourself thinking ‘that doesn’t feel like me anymore’ then it’s probably time for a refresh. Not just visually, but the words you choose to portray your business should be an accurate representation of your business. Your ideal client may have changed, your services may have altered or expanded then have a think if you can reword anything.

  3. You now have more options.

    We build all of our websites on Squarespace, and they’re forever coming out with new features. As I’ve said in the past – don’t get sucked in by fancy effects and make your website super complicated, but if there’s something you really think would work for your site then have a play with it.

  4. You don’t love it anymore.

    If you don’t absolutely love it – then how can you expect anybody else to? I always make sure that clients are practically obsessed with their sites before we set it live, and this should be true for anything out there representing your business. Look through everything and ask yourself if you feel excited, proud and a little bit giddy to look at your website/instagram etc.

Of course, you could be like me and choose to change your entire website at 11pm on a Tuesday evening just because you got stuck down a rabbit hole and haven’t realised the time – but I’d suggest making a more considered decision before changing anything if I were you – do as I say and all that!