Why I might unfollow you…

Eesch, that sound salty doesn’t it?

But in truth, who you follow and what you consume online massively impacts your energy and in some cases, your mood.

When handling a business account, more-so than ever it’s important to follow accounts who contribute in some way. That doesn’t mean you should only be following dream clients or useful connections, but accounts who leave you feeling less-than, behind or anything negative have to go.

Here’s why I personally might unfollow you, in case you were wondering…

  1. You’ve stopped posting. Sorry not sorry but I hate following inactive accounts, I’ll go onto this more later but I like to keeping my ‘following’ number relatively low, so if you’re inactive then you gotta go. I don’t mean you’ve had a week off or are having bit of downtime, but if you haven’t posted since 2021 then you are outta here.

  2. You follow too many accounts. I want to follow people who are going to genuinely interact with me, it’s a two way street and no-one likes talking to a brick wall. If you following thousands of accounts, you’re not going to see my content or potentially even my messages. So I’m always cautious of accounts who follow 2000+ people, also it makes me wonder if all of those follows are genuine, or if they were just to get a follow back.

  3. Your content brings me down. As I said at the beginning, you need to contribute positively to my day. It might sound cold but I’ve recently unfollowed someone who every, single, day posted all the negative things in their day. I mean everything, their tea going cold right to their kids being off sick. Stuff happens and I want you to keep it real, but I get to decide when something is negatively impacting my mood and I get to remove myself from it.

  4. You seem disingenuous. At the end of the day, it’s my business account and these are business connections, if you or your business don’t align with mine – then I don’t have to follow you. People who use shady sales tactics, use scarcity scaring tactics or play on other people’s insecurities are a huge no-no for me. Run your business however you like, but I don’t have to stick around to see it.

I want you to remember, that people following or unfollowing you is never anything personal. Even if you’re an influencer, it’s not personal. I’ve never unfollowed someone because I think they’re a crappy person, to be honest I wouldn’t follow them in the first place! Your followers and following will forever fluctuate, you can’t take it personally. Just accept that your ACCOUNTS (not you as people) didn’t align and that’s okay. There are literal millions of social media users, you can build a super healthy audience full of people who adore you and your feed can be filled with accounts that make you feel great.

If you’re finding that you flick through your feed and it makes you feel down, unworthy, inferior or any kind of negative way – then take a look at who you’re following and have a nice cleanse. Then find new accounts who inspire you and lift you up so that you actually want to be on your accounts.