Tips for starting Social Media from Scratch

πŸ€” Starting Social Media from scratch may sound daunting, but it’s actually a FANTASTIC opportunity!

Your engagement will never be better than in those early days, so use that time to really say who you are, what you’re offering and why they should follow you (even if you’re not ready to launch, give a hint and tell them it’s a countdown.)

Get really clear from day one on your branding, so from the get-go your posts are recognisable and you create that connection immediately. It’s not the end of the world if you rebrand in the future, but this is your chance to nail it first and hit the ground running.

Remember that you only need one follower to make a sale, so try not to worry too much on your follower count especially when your account is a baby.

πŸ‘‹πŸΌ You could try engaging with and following the followers of competitions, as they’re clearly interested in what you offer.

🀳🏼 Share anything and everything you’re tagged in. It shows prosperity and encourages followers to keep sharing you.

🌟 Invite UGC, give them an incentive for creating content containing your products or services.

🎁 If you opt for a giveaway or competition, make it SUPER relevant to your offering otherwise you’ll just attract serial compers (that’s an actual thing) and your audience will be saturated with people who don’t actually care about what you do.

🀩 Get personal, this isn’t a must but your account will grow much faster if you show your face, your life and anything people can relate to. You can keep this content to stories if you prefer to keep your grid on brand, and it’s possible to grow without it but it’s definitely the fastest way!

Remember to keep your content super consistent in both tone of voice and how it looks, create come Canva templates to stick to and don’t be tempted to try out a multitude of fonts and colours just because you’re new – now more than ever it’s important your content is recognised.