Stop making time for joy…

I’m not sure if it’s a trend at the moment or I just happen to see the same posts on repeat… but recently my feed has been full of reels quoting ‘make time for joy’.

And I’ve got a problem with that!

Why are we scheduling time to be happy?

Why are we not finding joy in everything we do?

Why are we not creating a life filled with positive feeling?

Look, I’m a realist, and as much as I’m fully invested in my life coaching and my life coach herself is one of my closest friends – I know that life can deal shitty hands sometimes. So when you’re in those really hard times, I’m not talking to you (but I am thinking of you x).

I’m talking about day to day, if you’re having to put time aside to feel joy -then something is wrong my friend.

We all have aspects of our lives/jobs that we don’t want to do. I hate washing my hair, doing the laundry is boring and chasing invoices is the bane of my life. And I’m not saying you have to suddenly enjoy the chores you hate… but on the whole – your life should bring you joy.

I’m trying really hard to word this in a way that I don’t sound like a douche, because I’ve been there. Therapy, medication, coaching – I’ve been on a journey to get to where I am.

But I can honestly say that no, I don’t make time for joy – I find it in many moments of my day. Just sometimes I have to search a bit deeper than others.

Rather than spending time planning activities and diarising your happiness, why not look at ways you can make your everyday life more pleasant? Is there a more scenic commute to work? Can you pay someone to do your ironing? Could you spare 5 minutes to stand under the warm shower for longer?

Carving joy into everything you do, makes for a much more pleasant existence – trust me. Rather than living through a nightmare and counting your life down until the next time you’ve slotted in being happy.