Social Media Agency of the Year!

I often get emails about awards and would I like to enter them, and I always have good intentions of sitting down and doing the application process. But like many of us, I struggle to talk about myself and it feels as though I should be doing something more productive for the business. Note to self: change that!

However when I received an email from Prestige Awards UK, and all I had to do was reply saying I’d like to be considered… even I found the time to reply ‘yes please!’.

I thought no more of it, until a few weeks later they asked if they could drop me a call… to be honest I’d forgotten all about it and presumed it was either for sponsorship or to nominate a client, so I say of course I’m free right now and didn’t get my hopes up.

Only to find out that we’d WON! Social Media Agency of the Year (Central Region) for Prestige Awards UK.

Like all businesses, we don’t do what we do for awards, but as this is the second win for us – it’s lovely to be recognised.

There was no official ceremony, and as a busy working Mum I picked the only time slot that meant I could get to Birmingham & back within the school run… so armed with my wonderful Intern, Emily – we set off to Sutton Coldfield (not Birmingham, but my geography is horrendous!). Although it was brief at the hotel, walk in – get award – have photo – go home. It was a lovely day and a win is always something to celebrate.

It felt a bit surreal on the school run that afternoon, having been across the country and back to collect an award – but running a business with a 6 year old often does feel that way.

I’m not sure who put our name on their radar, and they didn’t specify what clinched it for us – but thank you so much to Prestige Awards, thank you to all of our incredible clients who put their trust in us, and thank you to my mighty team for helping me to produce the results we do!

Trax Media Co – Award winning Social Media Agency!