Repurposing Isn’t a Dirty Word

The best thing about this Blog Post, is that it started life as a Podcast. As you may know, the Podcast left us in December 2022, so I’m genuinely repurposing all of it’s content into Blog Posts for two reasons…

So that my wonderfully magnificent nuggets of wisdom aren’t lost forever (only half joking).

To make life easier for myself now I’m sat creating this content.

Why reinvent the wheel my friend? The chances that someone follows you absolutely everywhere on the internet is slim, and anyone who does is a pretty die-hard fan and won’t mind being reminded of what you have to say. People in general have their preferred ways of consuming content, I like to listen to audiobooks in the car but rarely take long enough drives, so blog posts actually work well for me as I can read them whilst Sophie’s watching TV or I’m sat outside her swimming lessons. Some people however love to pop their headphones on and listen to podcasts on walks or they commute. It’s horses for courses but as I said, it’s rare someone consumes your content absolutely everywhere you put it.

Whilst I do repurpose, I also leave it what I consider a healthy amount of time before it pops up elsewhere. That way my audience has potentially grown or changed by the time it’s published again, and I don’t want deny my new followers of my previous knowledge. You also don’t know when your content will resonate with your current audience. You might skim past the same message 100 times but when it lands on the perfect day – suddenly it inspires you to take action. Just because your content isn’t of interest to that particular person on that particular day, it doesn’t mean they won’t need it in the future. Keep banging the drum my friend and eventually it’ll make a tune to someone.

The last thing to remember, is that you’ll potentially change it a little over time. For example my previous blog post about my marketing strategy is different now to when I recorded it as a podcast, because my marketing activity has changed. This post itself will be worded differently with different emphasises on different parts. For me in particular, my subject is marketing and social media – a world which changes rapidly, so even content which is largely the same will need some tweaks every now and again.

I promise you that some of the best marketers in the world cross-pollenate their content around the internet, for SEO purposes don’t copy & paste it to multiple parts of the internet, but there’s literally no reason why you can’t have one piece of content that’s a blog post, podcast, Youtube Video, newsletter and then broken down into smaller or punchier social media posts, reels or stories.