Honestly, I was up in the night trying to think how to help you out and word this one!

The first question you have to ask yourself is – why do I feel I need to be doing them? If you truly hate them, can’t get your head around them, then is it worth the effort? Remember that Instagram have announced they’re no longer favouring reels, so hopefully that should take some pressure off.

☀️ Here’s some ideas if you have decided Reels are right for you…

👋🏼 You can speak directly to the camera, record tips/information in short segments and stitch them together for a punchy reel sharing your expertise.

🎶 Find trending audio (ideally with a template) and put either ‘live’ photos (which will transform into mini videos) or static photos (either from your camera roll or Canva) in time to the music.

📸You all know I love B-Roll content. It gives me videos sat waiting for when I think of something to share or an audio I want to use, and I literally set my phone up in the corner whilst I’m on a client call to record my mannerisms and personality.

💬I call them Twitter style posts, but on Canva you can create a ‘tweet’ style post with a video in the background. Share a tip, thought or even an inspirational quote and use some audio you’ve heard repetitively whilst scrolling.

🔉 SPEAKING OF SOUND – I personally don’t care how many uses an audio has already had, no-one can actually predict what’s going to go viral. I simply have a scroll and if I hear the same sound a few times then that’s what I’ll use!

🤷🏼‍♀️ But where do I find ideas? See what your competition is doing, ask yourself if you have an opinion on anything in your industry right now, would you feel comfortable sharing something relatable from you personal life? Don’t think you always have to be teaching people or saying something brand new, you can share your experiences and opinion on previously discussed topics!

Hope that helps! 🤩