Mistakes you’re making on Social Media

No shade, no judgement, unless you chose to train in Social Media marketing, kudos to you for doing the best you can. But here are the mistakes that I see all of the time, and also how you can rectify them!

  1. You’re posting and ghosting. So often I hear and see people who are great at batch creating and scheduling – but then they forget that their social media even exists and expect miracles. Yeah, your content may be great, but the platforms won’t thank you for vanishing when it’s posted.

    Easy fix – dedicate time as often as possible (ideally daily) to engagement and just be active wherever you’re posting. Some say 15 minutes before or after, I say just as often and whenever you can.

  2. You’re getting Canva Confused. I love canva, I really really love it. I couldn’t be without it, in fact, but I see so many business owners who have clearly gotten excited by all of the different templates and options available. Your branding gets confused and your posts are no longer instantly recognisable, nor does your business stay top of mind.

    Easy fix – set up your brand kit so that you can at least keep the colours the same, and ideally stick to a handful of templates. Or download my freebie!

  3. You’re trying to be everywhere. You don’t need to be on every single platform, especially if you’re not even mastering one yet. Focus on getting consistent content out in one place first, then get to grips with another when you’ve got the free time.

    Easy fix – think really hard about the most likely place your ideal client is hanging out, that’s where you should focus. Some platforms are easier to cross-post to than others, so that may be a shortcut.

  4. You’re not cross-pollenating. I can’t be the first person to call you a busy bee, so don’t look at me like that. No matter where you are in your marketing journey – cross-pollenating your content should be standard practice to save you time and maximise on ideas. Your audience will also differ depending on where and how they view you, so don’t worry about being repetitive.

    Easy fix – Take your longest form of content, turn that into multiple pieces of bitesized content to save you thinking of new ideas all the time.

  5. You’re being selfish. I know that you worked really hard on your content, but don’t forget to share the content of people you love too. Social media is supposed to be like a community, and it’s a great way to form connections by sharing other people’s content that you love. If it’s going on a story then it doesn’t even need to be particularly relevant – just share the love.

    Easy fix – share posts you love to your story using two buttons on Instagram, the poster will love it, the platform will like it and your audience will appreciate seeing what you like.

  6. You’re focusing on quantity over quality. I know that someone, somewhere told you that you need to be posting daily and I myself an a huge advocate for consistency – but if that leads you to churning out posts for the sake of it rather than because you’ve been genuinely inspired by what you’re writing – then press pause. I myself only post twice a week onto my feed, and my business is doing a-okay. Quality over quantity, always.

    Easy fix – take the pressure off and half the amount you’re posting, maximise on your creative streaks and batch create then spread those out over the next month or so.

Are you guilty of any of the above? I hope that my easy fixes are useful if so!