How to navigate Content Pillars on Social Media

🏛️ Are your content pillars keeping you up at night?

Hopefully not, by the way, social media is never worth a bad night’s sleep!

Okay I’m going to give you three answers to this question and I hope that’s okay.

🌟 Firstly, if it’s a case of worrying that your content isn’t perfectly balanced between your pillars – then remember that every single business is seasonal.

Think of everything we’re ‘supposed’ to balance in our lives… ⚖️

You’d be exhausted! Instead realise that sometimes you’ll naturally lean towards educating your audience, sometimes it’ll be more about selling etc. Create content that you currently align with and you won’t go far wrong. If you’re conscious of creating a better (not perfect) balance, then make a physical calendar and highlight each content pillar to see which you’re lacking.

🌟 Secondly, I don’t believe that you have to hit all of the recommended ‘pillars’ if you don’t want to. It’s your Instagram, your content and your business. If you’re strongly against creating educational posts then… don’t make them.

🌟 Thirdly, if you just plain don’t know what types of content to produce for each pillar, here’s a quick & rough guide…

📚Education – you’re literally teaching them how to do something in your wheelhouse, is there any information you can give them to take them part of the way there? Obviously the missing ingredient will always be you! These appeal to potential clients who have recognised a need, but it’s not yet so strong they want to invest.

💷Promotion – perhaps obviously, these are your direct sales posts. Launches, open carts, discounts, offers, a round up of your services. Testimonials and finished products also sneak into this category. These speak directly to people in the market & ready to buy.

👥Connection – this is when you cement when YOU are the person to go to. Post something you’re passionate about, what you’ve been up to. Something that your audience can relate to. This appeals to your followers no matter where they are in their journey, but is great to reel in those who are in the super early stages.

🍿Entertainment – think viral memes, gifs, this or that stories, appealing to the absolute masses. This is the content I produce the LEAST because it’s just not what my account is about, and hey I get to make that choice but I see some people hop on trends early and it does really well for them.

💡Inspiration – you can go as broad as inspirational quotes on a tweet type post, or your before & after posts! Say you’re a logo designer and you’ve taken someone from a drab Canva creation to something truly bespoke and epic – that will inspire others to do the same! To make this content really inspirational, try and tell the story of the business owner behind whatever service you did or product you made.

Sheesh, that was long – thanks for bearing with me and I hope that answered your question!