Focus on your Followers

I have two schools of thought on this, keep reading to get both!

“Posting without engaging is like attending a networking event and standing in the corner…”

Yes, it’s important to post consistently and to pay attention to what you’re posting. You know that I love for you to have a strategy and to be hitting those content pillars… BUT is that the be all and end all? Absolutely not.

Interaction with those who follow you is also a vital part of your Social Media Usage. In fact, if you were to ask me which is more important – I’d say interaction by a country mile. Not doing either one (posting or interacting) would make selling on social media a lot harder – ideally you want a healthy balance of both – but if you really only had the energy for one, I’d say interaction is where you should focus your energy.

The goal should be to transform your followers into fans, and then in an ideal world into paying customers. Of course you’re never going to convert 100% of your followers but I’d argue that you’ll be more successful with a larger percentage if you interact with them, vs just posting AT them constantly.

By getting into their DMs, they’re far more likely to open up and connect with you, I’d be cautious of publicly commenting ‘I need this!!!’ on anyone’s Sales Post, to be honest it would be rare for me to DM someone that either, I’d have to be super connected with them already and have a nurtured relationship with them – something that can only be achieved by interaction (for me).

Of course, there are accounts out there with huge followings who convert followers into customers without ever interacting with them – but I’m betting these are hugely established businesses with a certain ‘buzz’ around them. Word of warning – I’ve been sucked in by these accounts before and regretted it, no matter how slick your sales posts, inviting your launch or big your following is – I will now only invest in people I’m personally aligned with – and I think more and more people are becoming the same.

I believe that in 2023, community is only going to be more and more important on Social Media. People are going to be exchanging services within smaller groups and it’s going to become all about the personal connection, everyone’s getting a bit bored and wise to fancy canva graphics and hyped up launches.

Instead of pouring hours into perfecting each and every post, just press publish on the damn thing then start actually talking to people.

“Not interacting with your followers is like inviting people to a party and then ignoring them to invite more guests.”

Imagine someone had invited you out, and you agree… but then instead of talking to you – they spend the whole time on their phone trying to get more & more people to come.

You’d pretty fast feel as though you were just a number, and all the host cared about was getting as many bodies through the door as possible.

Creating content with the sole purpose of attract shiny new followers does the exact same thing. Once someone is within your audience, don’t forget to nurture them. Offer them a drink, make sure they’re having a good time. (I.E check in and send them a message, interact with their content, create content yourself that your current audience want to see).

It’s far easier to manage a smaller audience but truly connect with them, than to constantly try and gain more and more new followers. Once they’ve followed you, they’re already half way there! Spend your energy connecting with them, post valuable content to help them out, listen to what they’re telling you they struggle with and centre your content around that.

Don’t make people feel like they’re just another number, the Trax Media Co account has really grown for a year, but we’re still getting leads and making sales from the people within it because they’re inching further on their customer journey, their needs are changing and because I focus on them rather than new followers – they find it easier to transition into becoming a client.

Of course, growing your audience has it’s place and some of your content can/should be absolutely dedicated to that – but don’t forget to pay attention to those already in your audience!