Will I ever stop going on about consistency?

TL/DR – no.

But seriously, also no. All too often I hear business owners who ignore the need for a marketing strategy, because they’ll pick their phone up and post on social media ‘when they have time.’

Here’s two issues with that…

  1. Sporadically posting on social media does not constitute a marketing strategy

  2. How do you know that when you ‘have time’ to post is also when your audience ‘has time’ to scroll and see your one post?

This leads to quiet feeds and stressed out business owners, trying to find ‘time’ to post something, but whenever their phone is in their hand – their mind goes blank.

There is a reason that consistency works, people. We accept it in so many other areas of our lives, so it baffles me why so many business owners are resistant to it with their marketing.

  • I know that I need to train frequently enough to make progress in the gym

  • I understand that if I don’t keep on top of the laundry, it’ll become a mammoth task

  • I appreciate that I have to brush my teeth twice a day, every day to be hygienic

But ask a business owner to consistently put out social media posts, blog articles, newsletters or, to be honest, whatever material they choose to… and it’s suddenly a burden.

But here’s why it’s so important to remain consistent…

We’re a species who are surrounded by constant distractions. So you can’t rely on your one-off Instagram post grabbing their attention well enough to force them into action right then and there.

You’re scrolling through and see something you fancy, but then…

Oh look, an ad for something cool

Ooo a notification, I’ll answer it super quick then come back

Argh is that the time?! I’m late for the school run

Even off your phone, the TV, people around you, your general surroundings are all constantly pulling you away from your task.

How often do you scroll social media whilst waiting for the kettle to boil?

Waiting for your friend to join you at the table for brunch?

2 more minutes before you get out of bed in the morning?

Then that thing you were waiting for happens, you click off your phone and almost instantly forget what you were looking at.

Here’s another clue as to why you should be constantly showing up in front of your audience…

The big boys pay thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, to follow us around the internet.

And no, it’s not just to spy on us, or because they have money to burn.

It’s because they know all of the above, they know that you’re not likely to purchase something the first time you see it – even if you actively searched for it. You need repeatedly reminding about it, constantly nudging you closer to action, and having their product/service top of mind.

I’m really, really not saying that you need to invest in an expensive retargeting programme. Not by a long shot. But you do need to appreciate why big businesses do this, because of the psychology behind purchases. Because we get distracted, we need reminding and we need convincing over and over to buy the things we want.

So do you see now why your one-off, every-now-and-then, Instagram post doesn’t cut it? You need to be consistently showing up for your audience, knocking on their door like a woodpecker reminding them how great you are and how much they need you, until they’re right in that sweet spot to take the plunge. The second you back away from their door, someone or something else takes your place.

So, I know it seems exhausting, but once you’re in the swing of things it really doesn’t need to be and trust me, it’s so important for growing that incredible business of yours.

Side note, would you like an inside peek into my marketing strategy? It’s so simple I hand write it and use highlighters, so maybe it’ll help you see how easy it can be?