AI and ChatGPT – How to use it for your Social Media

Last week I put a story out asking what YOU wanted to learn about social media, so it’s time to start working through your questions… 💬

ChatGPT, AI etc is all creeping in to our everyday language and understandably people are wondering how they can use it in their marketing.

My advice on ChatGPT?

1️⃣ Be really specific, ask a vague question and expect a vague answer. I’ve tried prompting ChatGPT to help with captions, and honestly it took me *so* long to write the prompt that I might as well have written it myself.

2️⃣ Remember it is NOT connect to the internet. This code was written during the pandemic, and has. not. been. updated. since. So ChatGPT’s knowledge ends at 2021.

3️⃣ Spend LONGER proofreading. Do not be tempted to copy & paste anything ChatGPT produces for you, as it may have mistakes and definitely won’t be in your tone of voice.

4️⃣ Tell ChatGPT who you are, if you’re looking for ideas for things to talk about, tell ChatGPT exactly who you are, who you serve and what you do.

5️⃣ Expect to delete the majority it gives you. I’ve asked it for topic suggestions and I’d say 80% of them were either repetitive or just not applicable at all. Remember this software doesn’t know you, it also doesn’t have a recent knowledge of your services or offering.

I know that I’ve stressed this before, but AI is not yet connected to the internet. Everything that AI knows, is from 2021 and before. To prove this, I asked it who won Badminton Horse Trials in 2023 and it outright told me it doesn’t know anything beyond September 2021.

I don’t know many industries that haven’t changed since 2021, especially with what the world’s been through, so let that guide you on whether or not AI is appropriate to provide you with information for your content.

📸 Image wise, I don’t care how good your stock photos – pictures of your beautiful faces work better (dogs and kids work best, sorry not sorry). So yes, there are tools out there now which can artificially create the EXACT stock photo you want, but how will that go down with your audience versus a photo of you which creates a personal connection?

💬 I don’t really care how awesome your prompt is, AI cannot replicate your exact tone of voice. It also doesn’t know your audience as intricately as you do, nor does it know your expertise, opinion and personality. So whilst AI might be able to give you a skeleton or idea for a post – I doubt it can effectively write anything for you which doesn’t require heavy proofreading and editing.

🗓️ I tell you what I’d like AI to invest is an automatic scheduler, I could create an upload a CSV file and boom – it schedules the content onto the platforms I tell it to. Now THAT would be handy!

I honestly don’t think that you can replace sitting down and writing posts which you’re in alignment with, after listening to your audience and gauging what works and what they want. I don’t doubt that AI will be able to do that in the future, but truly I don’t think it’s quite there yet.

My last point is this, don’t forget I’m a BIG believer that the Universe repays our energy and efforts whether that’s directly back through the same channel or elsewhere. If we invest the time, effort and energy into our Social Media then I do trust we’ll be rewarded, if we tell the universe that it can be easily done by a robot then really – what will we be given in return? Seems scary to me but maybe I’m a wimp!

🌟 To sum up, I think ChatGPT can make things easier, but definitely not faster. It requires a lot of rewriting and proofreading, plus you have to be crystal clear with the prompts you’re giving it.